Menxclusive On Tour

It’s 9pm on a Thursday night and myself and 5 guys from MenXclusive are road tripping it to Adelaide from Melbourne for a show tomorrow night. 
It’s the first time in a few years since we’ve been back to Adelaide so there’s an air of excitement in the touring van as well as laughter from the guys having fun in the back while their FB live. 

We make it across the boarder eventually in the horribly windy raining conditions leaving us only being able to do 80kmh at some points. 

The boys slowly drift off one by one until… Sidney Saayman takes over driving for me as the music goes up and the coffee goes in! He’s playing the entire show music from start to finish as loud as the van allows! By the third/forth number the van seems to have become a rehearsal for the MenXclusive guys. 

6am Friday morning we have arrived in Adelaide at our apartment and we make a V-line to bed for whatever sleep we can manage. 

10.30am the alarm goes off. Kill me now! Where am I, how did I get here and why can I hear Glen laughing in the next room? 
Ohh that’s right! I’m in Adelaide! 

Breakfast and photoshoot time on the beautiful beaches of Adelaide before we head to the venue for a tech run and set up. 

Back at the apartment it’s on for young and old for shower time and mirror space! FYI being the only girl in this situation….FML! 

At the venue we got on the party bus with the VIP’s and competition winners dancing and singing along  to the Venga boys was definitely a lot of fun and a different way to start the night! 

The guys from MenXclusive put on an amazing show as usual including a special delivery to a lovely lady who received a beautiful bunch of roses from her husband via Mr. Sidney Saayman on stage. 

So what happens after the show on a touring show with MenXclusive? 
We go out on the town! We hit up a few places on Hindley St. A few drinks were had that night with a lot of stories told by many ending in a Maccas run on the way home. 

The guys from MenXclusive had a blast in Adelaide seeing some beautiful places and meeting some amazing people along the way.

Catch the guys from MenXclusive on their next touring show in Canberra on 2nd September 2017! 

Check out the website and get those ticketed booked Canberra!